WCP Bibliography

The Wells College Press was founded in 1939 by Victor Hammer and was active until 1948. Upon the founding of the Wells Book Arts Center 1993, the Wells College Press was re-established in order to continue Hammer’s tradition of fine printing in the humanities. The Wells College Press acknowledges and honors its founder by producing books of contemporary and historical importance.

WCP Books Produced 1993-present

–Most recent listed first — 
  1. Negative Compass by Bret Shepard (poetry)
    {Chapbook series #5} featuring wood engraving frontispiece by Joanne Price.
    2018. 9.25 x 6.25″ 32 pp. 150 copies. Letterpress printed – (available)
  2. w/o Throats by Gaille, Hamblen, Jensen, Rosenberg, Sprague (poetry)
    Featuring hand-marbled covers by Stephen Pittelkow. Created at Wells Summer Institute 2018. 8.25 x 5.25″ 16 pp. 100 copies. Letterpress printed covers, digital interiors – (available)
  3. this is not an enigma (in translation) by Bell, Buechler, Casler, Chadderdon, Cloutier, Elliker, Price, and Minarik. 2018. 8.5″ x 11″ 20pp,. Digital and Letterpress. 69 copies – co-publication with Oxblood Press – (available)
  4. First Reader by Bruce Bennett (poetry)
    Featuring hand-marbled endpapers by Nancy Gil
    2017. 9 x 6″ 24 pp. 100 copies. Letterpress printed – (available)
  5. Lantern by Annie Lighthart (poetry)
    {Chapbook series #4} featuring wood engraving frontispiece by Gaylord Shanilec.
    2017. 9.25 x 6.25″ 24 pp. 150 copies. Letterpress printed – (available)
  6. Persian Blue Carnival by Luna, Marshman, Zellers, Noha, Pierce, Sprague, Smolsky, Fillion (poetry) featuring 8 early 19th Century Wood Engravings.
    2017. 8.5 x 5.75″ 24 pp. 75 copies. Letterpress printed – 3 colors. (available)
  7. Independent City by JR Tappenden (poetry)
    {Chapbook series #3} Wood Engraving by Wesley Bates
    2016. 2017. 9.25 x 6.25″  36 pp. 150 copies. Letterpress printed. (available)
  8. In Search of The Legend of The Curious Case of The Cayuga Lake Monster by Kyle Admire, et al.
    2016 8.5 x 5.75″ 28 pages with fold out map & hidden extra book
    100 copies Letterpress printed. (available)
  9. Alphabet of Sorts by Jennifer Farrell (Printing Arts)
    Collaboration with Starshaped Press Chicago.
    2015. 64pp. 100 copies.  Letterpress printed. (out of print)
  10. River Time by Michael Jennings (poetry)
    {Chapbook series #2}
    2014. 36 pp. 100 copies. Letterpress printed.  (out of print)
  11. What Longing Is by Janice Esch (poetry)
    {Chapbook series #1} 2013. 36 pp. 100 copies. Letterpress printed.  (available)
  12. Bestial Floor, A Selection of Rhymed Fables by Bruce Bennett  (poetry)
    2011. 4.4 x 6.75″ clamshell box containing 19 leaves.75 copies (available)
  13. A Blade of Grass By Leslie Norris
    2007.  4 pp. 8 x 10.5″. 100 copies Set in Monotype Fournier cast at the Press & Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler. Bound in green bookcloth over boards
  14. ICE by John Hoppenthaler   (poetry)
    2004. 4pp. 6″ x 10.5″. 50 copies (out of print)
  15. Los Fusilamientos / The Firing Squad by Ildefonso Manuel Gil (poetry/art)
    translated by Miguel & Nancy Gil drawings by William Roberts
    2003. (Completed 2015) 10 pages 15 x 20″ portfolio housed in a cloth covered clamshell case. Letterpress printed poems plus Lithographs. 30 copies  (available)
  16. A History of the Book Arts at Wells College by Sarah Roberts  (Book Arts)
    2003. 16 pp. 5.25 x 7″ paper wraps. 200 copies. Letterpress printed.   (available)
  17.  A Mouse’s Tale by Gillett Good Griffin (Children’s)
    2003. 40 pages 5.5 x 6.25 inches Smythe-sewn, full cloth over boards
    limited to 250 copies. Letterpress printed. (available)
  18. Learning from Renoir by B.A. St. Andrews (poetry)
    2003. 48 pages. 6.75 x 11 inches full Japanese cloth over boards
    200 copies. Letterpress printed.  (available)
  19. In those days, love . . . by Gilles Ségal translated by Suzanne Hecht
    2002. 75 pages. 6 x 9 inches paper wrapper. letterpress cover, offset inside
    500 copies ISBN 1-887196-09-9 (available)
  20. Gardening at Dusk by Christina Pugh (poetry)
    2002. 23 pages. 6 x 9 inches, paper wrapper. 200 copies  (out of print)
  21. Kamandalu Selected Poems by Amadou Lamine Sall
    translated by James W. & Lydie J. Haenlin artwork by Germaine Anta Gaye
    2002. 75 pages. 7.5 x 11.5 inches paper wrapper. letterpress printed.
    200 copies  (available)
  22. A Collector’s ChoiceAn Exhibition of Books Designed and Printed at the Riverside Press by Bruce Rogers compiled, with commentary, by the collector  Herbert H. Johnson
    2002. 50 pp. 8.75 x 12.5″ quarter bound cloth over Fabriano Roma covered boards
    150 copies  (available)
  23. The Woodcut Art of J.J. Lankes by Welford Dunaway Taylor (Book Arts)
    special Wells College Press edition of a David Godine Publication with a suite of Lankes prints. 2001. 120 pp. 10 x 9″ cloth-covered boards
    100 copies  (available)
  24. L’Allegro/Il Penseroso by Ed Skoog  (poetry)
    2001. 13 pp. 6 x 9.5″ dos-à-dos paper binding. drawings by William Roberts
    100 copies (2016 wrap binding available)
  25. Were I To Tell You  by Bruce Bennett  (poetry)
    2001. 12 pp. 6.5 x 9.5″ paper wraps. drawings by William Roberts
    150 copies (out of print)
  26. Millennial Afterlives,
 A Retrospective by Stratis Haviaris (poetry)
    2000. 29 pp. 5.5 x 8.5″  paperback. offset printed
    500 copies ISBN 1-887196-06-4 (available)
  27. Sincerely Yours, Victor Hammer,-Letters to Janet Lewis, 1945-1948 (Book Arts)
    2000. 50 pp.. 6 x 9.5 inches paperback. offset printed
    300 copies ISBN 1-887196-07-2  (available)
  28. Norris’s Ark by Leslie Norris. illustrations by John Elwyn (Children’s)
    2000. 59 pp.. 6 x 9.25 inches paperback. offset printed
    500 copies ISBN 0-930954-29-7   (available)
  29. Three Wells Poets Christina Kubasta, Deidre Pope & Am Whitney  (poetry)
    Introduction by Bruce Bennett. 1999. 16 pp. 6 x 8″ paper wraps 150 copies. Letterpress printed with two “sandragraph” prints by Jocelyn Webb. (available)
  30. The Magic Key: A Story for Mothers and Children by Robert F. Fleissner, Jennifer Zalewski, Else Fleissner. 1999 64 pp.  perfect bound paperback (out-of-print)
  31. Nothin’ Strange, Mum by Velma Van Buskirk
    1995. 47 pages. 5.25 x 8 inches perfect bound paperback (out-of-print)
  32. Fred Linden in Shanghai
    1995. 18 pp. 5.5 x 8.25 inches laser printed perfect bound paperback (out-of-print)
  33. Two Poems by Dionisio Martinez
    1994. 4 pages. 8 x 10.5 inches paper wrapper  (out-of-print)
  34. “Her poetry manuscript… is currently circulating.” by Bruce Bennett
    1994. 18 pp. 8.5 x 5.25″ paper wraps. 150 copies. ISBN 1-887196-00-5 (out-of-print)
  35. Victor Hammer and the Wells College Press by Carolyn Reading Hammer
    1993. 37 pp. 6.25 x 9.25″. Letterpress printed. Foil Stamped paper wraps.
    500 copies. ISBN 1-887196-01-3  (available)
  36. Five-and-Dime, Late Thirties by X.J. Kennedy
    1993. 4pp. 8.5 x 11″ Letterpress printed with Spiral Type paper wrapper
    100 copies  (out-of-print)
  37. Six Selections the 1993 Brockport Writers Forum Steve Heller, Susan Hubbard
    Judith Kitchen, Nancy Kress, Scott Russell Sanders, Robley Wilson
    1993. 8 pp. 5.25 x 8.5″ paper wrapper. 100 copies (out-of-print)

WCP Books Produced 1940-48 under Victor Hammer

–Work in Progress –

  1. Young voices; a book of Wells college verse. Richard Armour
    1941. 125pp. 25 cm printed by Victor and Jacob Hammer
  2. An Opium Eater in American and The Fratricide’s Death. William Bair
    1941. 60pp. 24.5 x 17 cms. 182 copies. Designed by Victor and Jacob Hammer in Emerson type, presswork by Jacob Hammer. Printed on Zurich Zerkall paper.
  3. A Satire Against Mankind and Other Poems Wilmot, John
    1942. 30 pp. Designed by Victor Hammer & set by hand and printed by Jacob Hammer at the Wells College Press for New Directions
  4. Le mystere de la charite de Jeanne D’Arc. Péguy, Charles
    1943.  236 pp. : 24 cm. 500 copies of this book were printed by Victor Hammer with the assistance of Jacob Hammer. The engraving of Jeanne D’Arc was cut on metal by Victor Hammer and is “based on a drawing scribbled by a clerk of the Parliament of Paris in the margin of a record of 1429 which mentions the lifting of the seige of Orleans–Colophon.
  5. The Three-Cornered Hat , Antonio De Alarcon, Pedro; Kredel, Fritz (Woodcuts); Levin, Lawrence M. (Trans.) printed by Victor and Jacob Hammer
    1944. 151 pp. 6.5 x 10″. 500 copies
  6. Charles Doughty 1843–1926 M Davis Herbert John Printed by Victor & Jacob Hammer
    1945. 32pp.  8vo. 120 copies on Ragston paper.  8vo.  Grey wraps printed in red
  7. Truly Yours, Henry Wells: A Group of Letters Written by Henry Wells to Edwin B. Morgan (Student Project) 1945 91 pp. 6 x 9″ Hard Cover unknown edition size
  8. The Earth-Bound, Lewis, Janet
    1946. 47pp.  7.75″-9.75″ 300 copies
  9. MESA magazine
    1945  9.75″ – 12″ Quarto.  300 copies. Printed wrappers. Edited by Herbert Steiner.
  10. MESA magazine
    1946  9.75″ – 12″ Quarto. 300 copies. Printed wrappers. Edited by Herbert Steiner.
  11. MESA magazine
    1947  9.75″ – 12″ Quarto. 250 copies. Printed wrappers. Edited by Herbert Steiner.
  12. The Clouds, Aigeltinger, Russia, &c. William Carlos Williams; Harry Duncan; Wightman Williams; Victor Hammer; Peter Franck; All authors published jointly by the Wells College Press and the Cummington Press,
    1948. 64 pages 24 cm. 310 copies

The Lost Years. WCP Books Produced 1949-1992

Taurolog by Cal Kinnear (poetry)
1971. 6 1/2 x 10″16 pp. 85 copies printed on Victor Hammer Hand Iron Press

Poetry Broadsides Checklist

–Most recent listed first —
Most are available for sale. Some at the Wells College Press online shop.
* Available
  1. Kim LozanoPraise the Bird*
    Date: Sept 2018. Dimensions: 7.5″ x 19″ . Edition size: 50
  2. Donika KellyLove Poem: Pegasus*
    Date: Sept 20, 2018. Dimensions: 14″ x 19.5″”. Edition size: 50
  3. Cole SwensonGustav Klimt: Summer the Other*
    Date: Apr 20, 2018. Dimensions: 15″ x 14″. Edition size: 60
  4. Melissa TuckeyMonsanto, Drunk in the Garden*
    Date: Apr 9, 2018. Dimensions: 12.5″ x 19″. Edition size: 75
  5. Mukoma Wa NgugiJail Birds* (two part Eco Poetry broadside pair)
    Date: Apr 9, 2018. Dimensions: 12.5″ x 19″. Edition size: 75
  6. Jenny Groppanimal between*
    Date: Apr 9, 2018. Dimensions: 12.5″ x 19″. Edition size: 50
  7. Geoffrey BabbittLauds: We Wend Our Way Across Two Imaginings*
    Date: Mar 20 2018. Dimensions: 18″ x 12.5″. Edition size: 50
  8. Shira Dentz Scale*
    Date: Mar 20 2018. Dimensions: 12″ x 18″. Edition size: 50
  9. Matt HartFrom Radiant Action*
    Date: Nov 9, 2017. Dimensions: 15″ x 22″. Edition size: 50
  10. Lauren HaldemanUntitled*
    Date: Sept 29, 2017. Dimensions: 10″ x 15.25″. Edition size: 50
  11. Sabrina Orah MarkDay*
    Date: Sept 13, 2017. (alt March 19, 2018) Dimensions: 20″ x 14.25″. Edition size: 50
  12. Writing to Heal Portfolio* – Four broadsides featuring work culled from the literary periodical The Healing Muse. Writing by: Susan M. Behuniak, Bruce Bennett, Sarah Gilbert, and Tori Russell.
    Date: Spring 2017. Dimensions: 19″ x 12.5″. Edition size: 30
  13. Joshua Corey – A Tree Dismantled in a Sphere of Fog*
    Date: 7-Apr-17. Dimensions: 14.25″ x 20″. Edition size: 50
  14. Stephen Burt – Advice From The Lights*
    Date: 27-Mar-17. Dimensions: 19″ x 12.5″. Edition size: 45
  15. Martha Collins – from Leaving Behind*
    Date: 8-Mar-17. Dimensions: 12″ x 18″. Edition size: 50
  16. Martin Rock – from Residuum*
    Date: 8-Mar-17. Dimensions: 12″ x 18″. Edition size: 50
  17. Bruce Bennett – The Thing’s Impossible*
    Date: 13-Feb-17. Dimensions: 15.5″ x 25.5″. Edition size: 50
  18. Jerry MirskinDaylight Illuminated*
    Date: 30-Nov-16. Dimensions: 22″ x 15″. Edition size: 50
  19. Jessica Cuello – Jeanne D’Arc thinks about her Virginity*
    Date: 10-Nov-16. Dimensions: 9″ x 14″. Edition size: 50
  20. Adam Clay – What I Remember*
    Date: 20-Oct-16. Dimensions:  6″ x 14″. Edition size: 75
  21. Zach Savich Two Weeks and One Day*
    Date: 28-Sep-16. Dimensions: 11.5″ x 17″. Edition size: 75
  22. John Hoppenthaler The Whale Gospel*
    Date: 16-Apr-16. Dimensions: 12.5″ x 19″. Edition size: 60
  23. Dan Rosenberg & Rebecca Myers – Miles Poems*
    Date: 24-Mar-16. Dimensions: 24″ x 12″. Edition size: 50
  24. C. Kubasta – The Uses of Salt*
    Date: 19-Mar-16. Dimensions: 9.75″ x 15″. Edition size: 50
  25. MRB Chelko  Life Gets Exciting*
    Date: 4-Mar-16. Dimensions: 14″ x 10″. Edition size: 70
  26. Patrick Kavanagh – Canal Bank Walk*
    Date: 9-Feb-16 (Private Commission) Edition size: 25
  27. DeVillio Sloan IIIDogs Corners  (Private Commission)
  28. Kaethe Schwehn – Tanka in a State of Grace*
    Date: 3-Feb-16. Dimensions: 9″ x 19″. Edition size: 50
  29. James Hawkins Howard Fra Diavolo 
    Date: 14-Dec-15. Dimensions: (Private Commission)
  30. Marilyn Chin Sonnetnese*
    Date: 13-Nov-15. Dimensions: 24″ x 12″. Edition size: 50
  31. Kiki Petrosino – Personal Style Monologue*
    Date: 24-Sep-15. Dimensions: 6.3″x20″. Edition size: 100
  32. Caroline Manring – Ptarmigan*
    Date: 3-Mar-15. Dimensions: 9.75″ x 14″. Edition size: 50
  33. Kevin González – On Marriage*
    Date: 6-Nov-14. Dimensions: 12″x 18″. Edition size: 90
  34. Michael Jennings – Bad Men of the Old West
    Date: 4-Jun-14. Dimensions: 8.5″x10″. Edition size:
  35. Sonali Samarasinghe – Unbowed and Unafraid
    Date: 28-Mar-14. Dimensions: 12.5″x18.5″. Edition size:
  36. Melissa Balmain – Love Poem*
    Date: 1-Oct-13. Dimensions:  9″x19″. Edition size: 60
  37. Judith Harris Mockingbird*
    Date: 23-Apr-13. Dimensions:  14″x 9.6″. Edition size: 50
  38. Juliana Gray – Winter comes to rule the varied year*
    Date: 27-Feb-13. Dimensions: 14″x 11″. Edition size: 20
  39. Austin MacRae –  Mowing*
    Date: 14-Nov-12. Dimensions: 11″ x 15″. Edition size: 30
  40. Philip Memmer Parable*
    Date: 20-Sep-12. Dimensions: 10″x 20″. Edition size: 40
  41. Susan Deer Cloud –Why I Love Being an Indian*
    5-Apr-12. Dimensions: 10″x 22″. Edition size: 35
  42. Sarah Jefferis – At fourteen*
    Date: 15-Mar-12. Dimensions: 23″x12.5″. Edition size: 35
  43. George Drew –Rambling in Times Square*
    Date: 10-Nov-11. Dimensions: 10″x20″. Edition size: 50
  44. Jerry Mirskin – Mother*
    Date: 28-Apr-11. Dimensions: 6.5″x15″. Edition size: 50
  45. William Trowbridge – Obedience*
    Date: 2-Mar-11. Dimensions: 12″x12″. Edition size: 50
  46. Martha Collins – White Paper No. 14*
    Date: 1-Nov-10. Dimensions: 10″x 21″. Edition size: 30
  47. Katha Pollitt – Lilacs in September*
    Date: 22-Sep-10. Dimensions: 9″x14″. Edition size: 65
  48. Steven Huff – All Those Houses I Built*
    Date: 17-Mar-10. Dimensions: 6″x15″. Edition size: 50
  49. Phillip Memmer – Today, the Houses
    Date: 8-Oct-09. Dimensions: 11.5″x8.5″
  50. Meg Kearney – Rescued
    Date: 4-Mar-09. Dimensions: 15″x8.5″. Edition size: 50
  51. Hilda Raz He/She: The Bike*
    Date: 6-Oct-08. Dimensions: 15.5″x13″. Edition size: 60
  52. Sue Ellen Thompson the blue blanket*
    Date: 2-Nov-06. Dimensions: 13″ x 22″. Edition size: 60
  53. Stephen Zabriskie – She Gushes Beauty
    Date: 16-Oct-06. Dimensions:
  54. Meg Kearney – Virgin
    Date: 1-Oct-06. Dimensions: 9.5″ x 15.5″. Edition size: 50
  55. Judith Kitchen – Red*
    Date: 19-Apr-06. Dimensions: 25″ x 12″. Edition size: 50
  56. Peter Makuck – Lac d’Aiguebelotte*
    Date: 27-Oct-05 . Dimensions:10.5″ x 14.5″. Edition size: 150
  57. Mary Crow – Marfa, Texas
    Date: 21-Sep-05. Dimensions:
  58. Bruce Bennett – To a Doomed Moth*
    Date: 6-Apr-05. Dimensions: 9″ x 20″. Edition size: 100
  59. Jen Bervin – 68*
    Date: 31-Mar-05. Dimensions: 14″ x 14″. Edition size: 100
  60. Ralph Black The Assassin
    Date: 28-Oct-04. Dimensions:  11″ x 22″. Edition size: 50
  61. Bruce Bennett Vigil*
    Date: 30-Sep-04 . Dimensions:  7″ x 14″. Edition size: 100
  62. Christina Pugh First in Flight
    Date: 15-Apr-04. Dimensions:  21″ x 10″
  63. Nancy Willard The Snow Arrives After Long Silence*
    Date: 31-Mar-04. Dimensions:   12″ x 18″. Edition size: 75
  64. Cole SwensenThe horses round the bend of water*
    Date: 12-Nov-03. Dimensions:  15″ x 14″
  65. William Trowbridge The Madness of Kong
    Date: 5-Nov-03. Dimensions:  13″ x 15″
  66. Ruth StoneAlways Your Shadow
    Date: 25-Feb-03. Dimensions:   12″ x 18″
  67. XJ Kennedy For Alan Ginsberg*
    13-Nov-02. Dimensions: 15″x20″. Edition size: 100
  68. Stan Rubin – The Leap*
    Date: 2-Oct-02. Dimensions: 14″x20″. Edition size: 100
  69. Charles Martin Design*
    Date: 25-Sep-02. Dimensions: 12″x16″. Edition size: 100
  70. Yi Ping – words
    Date: 18-Sep-02. Dimensions:
  71. Rhina Espaillat Workshop
    Date: 9-Apr-02. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  72. Meg Kearney Ticket
    Date: 20-Feb-02. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  73. Sue Ellen Thompson – The Empty Room*
    Date: 25-Oct-01. Dimensions:  Edition size: 50
  74. Michelle Courtney Berry In Weedsport
    Date: 22-Oct-01. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  75. Bonnie St. Andrews – Heal Thyself
    Date: 11-Oct-01. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  76. Bonnie St. Andrews – Heal Thyself*
    Memorial Reprint Date: 2005 Edition size: 100
  77. Bruce Bennett Calligraphy · Ad maiorem gloriam 
    Date: 19-Sep-01. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  78. Elizabeth Holmes – The Child’s Anger is Immense 
    Date: 4-Apr-01. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  79. George Saunders A memo, to Distribution 
    Date: 7-Feb-01. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  80. Joan Murray – What Would You Say
    Date: 25-Oct-00. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  81. Rhina Espaillat Marine Salvage Museum, Florida*
    Date: 4-Oct-00. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  82. Bertha Rogers Crowd 
    Date: 27-Sep-00. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  83. Linda Allardt – Ask Her 
    Date: 29-Feb-00. Dimensions: Edition size: 40
  84. Thom Ward – Dark Underfoot 
    Date: 17-Feb-00. Dimensions: Edition size: 50
  85. Peggy Shumaker The Run of Silvers 
    Date: 31-Mar-99. Dimensions:
  86. Lucille Clifton at the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, south carolina, 1989 
    Date: 12-Nov-98. Dimensions:
  87. Janet Holmes – Against the Literal 
    Date: 5-Nov-98. Dimensions:
  88. Laure-Anne BosselaarAugust 
    Date: 24-Sep-98. Dimensions:
  89. Thom Ward – Such Family, Such Yule 
    Dimensions: 14″ x 11″. 
  90. Katherine “KD” Zabriskie 1960-1995 (Memorial Broadside)
    Dimensions: 11″ x 17″
  91. Bruce Bennett – Education (One of Five Poems, Five Poems folio)
    Date: July 1993, Dimensions: 11″ x 17″
  92. Stan Rubin – One Man’s Spice (One of Five Poems, Five Poems folio)
    Date: July 1993, Dimensions: 11″ x 17″
  93. Deborah Tall – Children’s Beach Museum (One of Five Poems, Five Poems folio)
    Date: July 1993, Dimensions: 11″ x 17″
  94. Anthony Piccione – The Night Skylab Was Falling  (One of Five Poems, Five Poems)
    Date: July 1993, Dimensions: 11″ x 17″
  95. Li-Young Lee – Eating Together (One of Five Poems, Five Poems folio)
    Date: July 1993, Dimensions: 11″ x 17″

Recent Posts

Summer Institute 2022. Register Now!

Week One, July 11-15, 2022

Marbling on Paper and Silk with Stephen Pittelkow
Great class for beginners!
Marbling is a unique method for making beautiful decorative paper. Water-based colors are dropped onto a liquid bath, combed into geometric or fantasy patterns and then printed on paper. Students will learn all the elements of this historic craft and will gain experience with over 30 patterns as well as in-depth knowledge of materials and color. We will also fill the really big tank and marble silk scarves. The results are always stunning and experimentation is encouraged. Please note this class has a $75 materials fee.

Steve has been marbling for nearly 40 years. Steve’s interest in marbling stems from a long time interest in book binding. His papers are known for bright colors and precise patterns. Steve has taught previously at the Wells College Summer Institute, the Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, the Penland School of Craft, the Metropolitan Museum, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and many other book arts centers and colleges and universities as well as locations in Europe. His papers appear in many collections and are frequently used by book artists. Steve especially enjoys teaching the magic of marbling to students of all ages.

Tooling on Leather with Samuel Feinstein
During this week-long class on leather and book decoration, students will learn the fundamentals of tooling on leather in blind, with gold leaf utilizing home-made shellac glaire, and with different color pigment foils, as well as an incised leather technique and adding color that can be either subtle or really pop. The primary focus will be on line-work, one of the most important and versatile design elements that can be used in everything from traditional to contemporary designs. Students will also have time to use the tools in the Wells collection, branching out into other tooled decoration, and culminating in a final, completed, leather plaquette with the techniques covered.

This is an introduction for beginners as well as a step forward for those who would like to build on their existing knowledge.  The goal of this workshop is to familiarize you with the processes involved and prepare you for further practice. Please note this class has a $175 kit fee to be paid to the instructor.

Samuel Feinstein trained formally at the North Bennet Street School program under Jeff Altepeter and Martha Kearsley. Since graduating in 2012 he has been in private practice specializing in fine and design bindings, luxury clamshell boxes, new bindings in period style, and gold finishing for other binders.  His work can be seen on his website: SamuelFeinsteinBookbinding.com  

Western Papermaking with Tom Balbo

Western Papermaking with Tom Balbo
Paper is something many of us take for granted, but learning to make paper brings about an entirely new understanding of its vast artistic possibilities. This course will focus on western production techniques using different fibers including cotton, abaca and flax. Pulp painting and deckle box techniques will also be explored. Tom describes this class as a sharing of knowledge from his forty years of papermaking on both a production level and artistic level. Students will leave with lots of hand-made paper. Please note this class has a $80 kit fee to be paid to the instructor.

Tom Balbo is the founder and artistic director of the Morgan Conservatory. He is a Cleveland-based artist whose work has been collected for well over 30 years. Graduating from Baldwin-Wallace College with a BA in 1977, he completed his MFA in Studio Arts at Syracuse University in 1980 where he was awarded a Syracuse University Fellowship Grant and a Ford Foundation Grant. In 2007, Tom teamed up with noted Cleveland-area artists and national hand papermaking artists to improve and conserve the art of paper & book arts educational programming in the US. Knowing that these were art forms worth preserving, the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation officially opened its doors in October 2008.

Woodblock on the Letterpress with Heather O’Hara
Great class for beginners!
Woodblock printing is a simple, expressive, and versatile medium. In this week long intensive, we will examine different strategies for creating multi-color relief prints. The course will cover all aspects of designing, carving, and printing wood blocks, with a focus on using the letterpress to create consistent editions. Participants will learn to prepare blocks for relief printing, to create designs for multicolor prints, to use and care for carving tools, and to print using Vandercook proof presses. Each participant will design and print a two-color edition with the opportunity to add additional color blocks or to complete a second edition as time allows. We will also organize an in-class print exchange with a typeset colophon and folded paper portfolio cover. At the end of the week, each participant will take home a completed personal edition as well as the class exchange portfolio. Please note this class has a $100 materials fee.

Heather O’Hara is the owner of Burdock & Bramble, creating original block print greeting cards that can be found at independent retailers across the US. Before starting Burdock & Bramble in 2014, Heather was the head printer for Plunger Press. Heather has taught printmaking and book arts classes for over twenty years, including two years as the Intro Bookbinding instructor at Wells College. She has been a resident at the Roswell Artist in Residence program and at Women’s Studio Workshop. Heather studied at Carleton College and holds an MFA in printmaking from Cornell University. See burdockandbramble.com.

Week Two, July 18-22, 2022

A Printer’s Palaeography with Jesse Marsolais
Before the invention of letterpress printing, all books were written out by hand in script styles unique to the locations in which they were made. To sell their books to a reading public accustomed to these scripts, early printers followed Gutenberg’s example of designing typefaces that simulated calligraphy, first the Gothic blackletter and later the romans and italics popular in Renaissance Italy. Many of the typefaces to be found in traditional letterpress printshops carry that calligraphic influence into the present day, but even the most carefully designed typeface can only approximate the expressive freedom found in letters made by the human hand.

Using the typefaces in the Wells printshop as our points of departure, students will explore the calligraphic prehistory of letterpress printing. We will cover a range of historical scripts and the tools that made them, from hand-cut reed- and quill pens used in manuscripts to the flat brush at monumental scale.

After graduating with a BA in creative writing from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Jesse Marsolais began a six-year hot-metal apprenticeship under John Kristensen at Firefly Press, Boston. Later he received a grant to study lettercarving in stone with Nicholas Benson at the John Stevens Shop. Since 2013, Jesse has been the proprietor of Marsolais Press & Lettercarving, a commission-based workshop offering traditional letterpress printing and hand-carved lettering in stone and wood. He also teaches book arts at Yale University and is the Printer at the Jonathan Edwards College Press. See marsolaispress.com.

Box Making: Exploring Shapes with Stephen Pittelkow
Spend a week making three or more boxes of various shapes and sizes. Armed with compass and ruler, explore shapes beyond square. From one-piece pyramids to lantern shapes and hexagons and others, we’ll make boxes that are as useful as they are beautiful—all with embellishments you design. A little geometry, some careful measuring, and a bit of glue and a beautiful box is ready to store your treasures. Let’s make unusual boxes.

Steve has been marbling for nearly 40 years. Steve’s interest in marbling stems from a long time interest in book binding. His papers are known for bright colors and precise patterns. Steve has taught previously at the Wells College Summer Institute, the Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, the Penland School of Craft, the Metropolitan Museum, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and many other book arts centers and colleges and universities as well as locations in Europe. His papers appear in many collections and are frequently used by book artists. Steve especially enjoys teaching the magic of marbling to students of all ages.

Stereoscopic Photography – Building on a Victorian Invention with Diego Ruiz
Since The Victorian Era, stereoscopy has been used as a tool to document the world around us in 3D. In this hands-on photography course, we will examine 19th century 3D images and viewing devices and uncover their power to mimic natural human sight.

Participants will craft artistic 3D imagery and explore factors specific to the 3D realm, including composition and mechanical execution, to create high end results.

A mix of classroom and computer lab time will prepare us for outdoor photo walks. Images will be processed in specialty software and printed for review. Students will leave with stereo cards of their finest work and several stereo viewing devices.

Participants should have basic familiarity with their own camera. A DSLR camera is ideal but mirrorless or any camera with the ability to shoot in manual mode will work. A limited number of DSLR cameras will be on hand for those who wish to reserve one.

Detailed information at StereoscopeJourney.com

Diego Ruiz lives in Interlaken, New York and is a creator of 3D books and imagery, apostle of the trade, and curator of obscure stereoscopic knowledge of the19th century. His work has received recognition from the National Stereoscopic Association, International Stereoscopic Union, and the Photographic Society of America.

A background in Electronics and a working knowledge of materials and mechanics has served him well in developing systems to advance his stereoscopic photography techniques.

Extensive 3D shooting under challenging and varied conditions across the United States has made Diego a resource for practical knowledge in the Stereoscopic field.

The Joy of Making your own Journal from Beginning to End with Sonja Rossow
Great class for beginners!
Immerse yourself in an intensive workshop of papermaking and journal binding. This class is geared towards anyone who has been interested in learning basic papermaking and a very approachable book binding structure. We will cover basics of Western style papermaking techniques using cotton linters and old t-shirts. Including pulp processing, sheet forming and drying of paper. After the paper has dried, we will use it make a journal,  learning a binding technique that is not only functional but pretty.

Sonja Rossow is the proprietor of At Some Point Press, LLC doing business as Greentree Book and Paper, a book repair, custom book and  letterpress studio in Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, an historic cotton mill located in Huntsville, Alabama. She received her BS from the University of Louisville, BSE from Minot State University and MFA in Book Arts from The University of Alabama. See greentreebookandpaper.com.

Additional Information


All classes will be held on the picturesque campus of Wells College, 170 Main Street, Aurora, New York 13026. Wells College is located on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. The area is well known for its natural beauty, lakes, waterfalls, charming small villages, farms and wineries. The Wells College Book Arts Center is located in Morgan Hall, and houses one of the finest teaching collections of book arts equipment in the country.


Participants staying on campus should plan to arrive on Sunday afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Dinner for those who have purchased all meals will be at 7 pm. Those not staying on campus should plan to arrive Monday morning in time for class. Classes run Monday though Friday, 9 am to noon and 1:30 to 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Departure is the following Saturday morning by 10 am. Participants will receive an introduction letter from their instructor before the course begins giving instructions.  


Tuition for one week is $1000. Participants may register for one class only per week. Please consult the sections below on accommodations, meals, airport shuttles and course supplies.


On-campus dormitory accommodations are in private rooms with a shared bath at $400 for the six nights. The cost includes all linens and internet access via campus WIFI. Still, participants should consider bringing a comfortable pillow, and those who are driving may benefit from bringing an electric fan. Off-campus lodging options include The Inns of Aurora, bed and breakfasts and major hotel chains 20–40 minutes from campus. Please note that Verizon has the strongest cell phone signal on campus, and other carriers my be spotty.


We regret to say that the Book Arts Center is not currently handicapped accessible, although the dormitory is. Please contact us if you think this would prevent your participation.


Wells College is currently requiring masks to be worn on campus. Should the campus policy change, your instructor still has the right to require participants to wear a mask while in their class. Wells College reserves the right to test any or all visitors at any time, and to quarantine anyone who tests positive for covid. Please help us keep everyone safe!


Participants are encouraged to eat on campus to enjoy the fellowship of communal meals. Three options are available: breakfast, lunch and dinner; lunch only; or eating off-campus. We will have a vegetarian choice at every meal. A continental breakfast will be served Saturday morning before departure.


We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to participants, with preference being given to current and recent Wells students. Applicants should send a letter of interest and two letters of support to Robert LoMascolo, Summer Institute Coordinator by April 20th, 2022. Email bookartscenter@wells.edu or mail to Wells College Book Arts Center, Attn: Robert LoMascolo, 170 Main Street, Aurora, New York 13026. Applicants should include if they have any prior art and/or book art experiences (no experience is necessary), reason for interest in the institute and the courses they are most interested in attending. Students should include where they are going to school and what year/class they are in.


The Institute offers four internships to college and graduate participants in the book arts, with preference being given to current and recent Wells students. Although these are non-paying internships, each intern will be able to participate in two courses while assisting instructors and other participants. Applicants should send a letter of interest which includes their prior art and/or book art experiences, reason for interest in the internship, and at least one letter of reference to Robert LoMascolo, Summer Institute Coordinator by April 20th, 2022. Email bookartscenter@wells.edu or mail to Wells College Book Arts Center, Attn: Robert LoMascolo, 170 Main Street, Aurora, New York 13026. Please note this internship can be used towards the Wells book arts major and minor.


We are working hard to provide as much as possible without raising prices, but participants may be required to bring certain tools or supplies, pay a materials fee, or purchase a kit from their instructor. Instructors will provide a list of required and recommended tools and supplies. Participants will be responsible for purchasing their own supplies when stipulated. If there is a material fee for your course, it is listed in the course description.


There will be a one-time pick-up and drop-off at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport for $60. A Wells van will pick up participants at Hancock airport at 3:30 pm on Sunday afternoon; the van will drop participants off at the airport by 10 am the following Saturday morning. The drive from Aurora to Hancock Airport is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes; remember to allow at least an hour to get checked in and through airport security.


We encourage early registration since our courses are limited to 8–12 participants. The $100 portion of your registration is a non-refundable deposit and is due at registration. If you wish to pay only the deposit portion of your registration now, you must do so by registering using the mail-in registration form below. The remaining tuition and any fees are due by June 25th, 2022. If you pay on-line, you will be charged the full cost upfront.


You may cancel your registration until June 15th and receive a refund minus the non-refundable $100 deposit. After that date, there will be no refunds. Should we need to cancel a course for any reason, you will be notified and offered another class or a full refund. We cannot be responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or any other costs.


Contact Robert LoMascolo, Summer Institute Coordinator. Email is the best way bookartscenter@wells.edu, or leave a message at 315-364-2961 and your call will be returned.


You may register and pay by mail, or online by credit card.

Click here to register online! https://checkout.square.site/buy/HJYB4WMXBVSCRJXTWTEIWJ7G

If you wish to register by mail, please download and fill out the form below.

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