Towards a New Ideology of (Print) Production – Session I

A roundtable discussion in collaboration with Oxblood Publishing, featuring Will Hill (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England), David Armes (Red Plate Press, Yorkshire, England) & Tate Shaw (Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY). Moderated by Heather R. Buechler (Victor Hammer Fellow, Wells College)


This event is Free and Open to the Public
Friday, April 20, 2017 – 6PM
Stratton Hall Auditorium
Wells College
Aurora-On-Cayuga NY

— more on the discussion as it is situated within Oxblood’s larger project —

“Towards a New Ideology of (Print) Production” utilizes the democratic platform of the independent press to engage in a rigorous cross-disciplinary collaborative process to generate a manifesto for production in the 21st Century. How do we define “production”? What is the function of the “press” and who does it serve? How do we think and produce critically, with intention, while honoring content and a cultural urgency to disseminate? Engaging across disciplines is a vital action for generating relevant (art) discourse. A multi/trans/inter-disciplinary research approach for generating contemporary discourse acknowledges the inherent strengths of field specializations while capitalizing on the even greater strengths in their points of intersection.

d.1 TNI(P)P was launched in early December of 2016 as a mailer, inviting 7 artists/writers to respond to a crude draft solicited from Oxblood Publishing in the form of a mailer. As a collaborative process, all material (notes, mailings, edits, revisions, email + text correspondence, e&c) generated during the process will be published alongside the resultant text in a special edition of OXBLOOD on Production + Technology.”