Paper Marbling: Controlling a Riot of Color by Steve Pittelkow

Learn how to marble paper with Artist Steve Pittelkow

Admission is FREE
October 7th
Sommer Center
Wells College
Aurora-On-Cayuga NY

Paper marbling offers a fascinating and magical method for decorating paper. Colors are floated on a liquid bath and combed into intricate patterns. Paper is then gently applied to the surface and, presto, a print appears. This technique dates back hundreds of years. Steve Pittelkow’s interest in marbled paper stems from a longtime desire to personalize his own bookbinding with distinctive papers. He teaches extensively and enjoys revealing the secrets for successful marbling. Over the years, he has experimented with a wide variety of paints and papers in a quest for materials that allow students a rich and satisfying marbling experience. Steve’s papers appear in museum collections and are used by binders and book artists nationally and internationally.