The Wells Book Arts Summer Institute

It’s an exciting time for the Wells Book Arts Center. Our associates and students are busy at work with projects, careers, and internships; and we are preparing for our annual Summer Institute as it’s coming up right around the corner.

The Summer Institute runs in three sessions, from the week of July 8-14 to the week of July 22-28. This summer we are offering an exciting array of courses with an assembly of skilled and experienced instructors from all over the world. Of these skilled instructors includes two of our beloved Victor Hammer Fellows: past, Sarah Bryant (The Letterpress Artist: Simple Books on the Vandercook) and present, Katie Baldwin (Poets at the Press).

The courses offered at the Institute cater to a wide variety of interests, including Introduction to Typecasting and Monotype Composition, taught by Wells College’s own cherished letterpress printing professor, Michael Bixler. Michael and his wife, Winifred, run one of only two of our nation’s type foundries out of Skaneatlas, New York.

Besides those courses mentioned above, we are also offering a course in paper engineering and artist’s books, several typographic and script design courses, and various binding courses. These courses are founded in tradition, but encourage students to use their imagination and innovation to push the boundaries of typical book arts and printmaking.

For more detailed information about the Summer Institute, including a brochure, please follow the link above to our page dedicated to the Summer Institute here on our blog, or contact the Center at 315-364-3420 (e-mail:

Photography by Alex Schloop ’12.

Book Arts Minor Show

Come to our annual Book Arts Minor Show!

An opening reception will be on Monday, May 14, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, and the show will be up until Saturday, May 26.

This year, we’ll be featuring prints, artist books, and structures by seniors Alex Schloop, Page Kienzel, and Constance Wetzel.

There will be a live press demonstration, and refreshments will be provided.

See below the making of the show broadside:

New work from Art on the Press!

Over the past two weeks, the Wells College Art on the Press students endured a printmaking experience that has surely left a lasting impression! For the print-exchange assignment, students created imagery based around the theme “disguise” and carved their images from a high-quality Japanese wood, produced especially for printmaking.

The prints are reduction rather than multiple block prints, so a lot of planning and endless hours went in to the making of these prints. For nearly every student, the experience was a nightmare test of patience as they encountered and overcame a variety of problems with the medium or the printmaking process.

Despite the obstacles, the students of Art on the Press pulled through with some incredible work to show for the countless hours they spent at the presses.

Student Work from Art on the Press

Victor Hammer Fellow Katie Baldwin has been having a blast with her students in the center’s Art on the Press class! One of their projects has been working with multiple linoleum blocks. Here’s a peek of some of their recent work: