Artist Kore Loy McWhirter Stopped By The Center

Self-taught artist Kore Loy stopped by the book arts center to share her work and experiences with the bookbinding and calligraphy students.  Loy from North Carolina is a poet, letterpress printer, and an intaglio printer.  She creates many layers and goes through many stages before a piece becomes complete. She showed the students a portfolio of 13 prints and poems all contained in a handmade clamshell box.

photo 4

1 thought on “Artist Kore Loy McWhirter Stopped By The Center

  1. Her work is Really impressive. I would love to be able to ask her about some of her illustrations.
    The cover of “Rise Up Singing” is a stimulant to meditation for me… for many years, now.
    Methinks you were lucky to have her ‘stop by’ for a visit!

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